Village is an independent creative studio focused on exploration — whether that's ideas, places, or projects. We approach each project strategically, aligning our concepts to your brand's ethos before heading out into the field to translate that vision into lasting visual identities. Whether you’re testing the waters or taking the plunge, you can trust our art direction, graphic design, and photography services to blaze the trail from ideation to execution.

We take pride in the process.


Colin Rex  |  Photographer

Colin is a commercial photographer and creative director whose career has been shaped by natural landscapes, far-flung adventure, and a deep love for wild spaces. His bold, elegant images capture serenity in the most desolate environments, where he works largely with negative space to demonstrate the starkness of the landscapes he visits and document man’s humble place within nature. From cycling through the Icelandic highlands to snowmobiling across glaciers in Patagonia, Colin’s travels have exposed him to hostile conditions around the world where his proficiencies in backpacking, bikepacking, ski touring, and off-road driving expand possibilities and enable self-sufficient backcountry productions.

Christian Van Os Keuls  |  Art Director

Armed with an intuitive understanding of aesthetics, and informed by thorough research, he creates powerful solutions for brands that are both beautiful and durable. From establishing a brand voice, to developing assets ready to be implemented, to problem-solving in the moment while on set; he seeks to approach each project from a holistic, foundational perspective. Partnering with Christian means your brand is his brand — knowing that sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to bring a seedling of an idea to full fruition. When he’s not working on creative projects, you can find him in the front row at your local music venue, trail-running the alpine peaks of the Rocky Mountains, or camping on the desert floor of the American West.